Al-Fath Al-Mubeen Operations Room Releases Statement about Recent Operation

On Saturday, August 26th, the southern region of Idlib saw a surge in violence when the Fathul Mubin Operations Room carried out a retaliation against an Assad regime military installation on Zawiya Mountain. Al-Malaja Camp was targeted, resulting in the death of at least 11 soldiers and injuring 20. The ongoing tensions in the region have escalated this month, making it one of the most volatile periods in northern Syria.

In a recent statement released by the Al-Fath Al-Mubeen Operations Room, the group shed light on the events and detailed their tactical approach. This came in response to the Assad regime’s increasing aggression in the liberated areas of northern Syria, particularly around the city of Idlib.

The statement begins by highlighting the Assad regime’s frequent attempts to capture more liberated areas, notably through nighttime operations. The Russian support in this campaign has been pronounced, leading to an increase in airstrikes and resulting civilian casualties.

In retaliation, the Al-Fath Al-Mubeen Operations Room directed two of its factions, Ansar Al-Tawhid and the Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq Brigade of Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham, to strike a strategic point of the Assad forces at the Al-Malajah axis. This move, they emphasized, was to solidify their defensive position in the area and quell the Assad regime’s aspirations of taking control.

Detailed reconnaissance by Ansar Al-Tawhid led to a tunnel being dug towards an enemy position. The ensuing explosion managed to obliterate the site, causing significant casualties and damage to the enemy’s vehicles. This was swiftly followed by a ground assault that allowed the Al-Fath Al-Mubeen factions to gain control over dominant enemy points in the region. In a coordinated effort, heavy artillery and missile bombardment targeted several towns, disrupting enemy positions and inflicting additional casualties.

An interesting detail in the statement is the mention of retaliatory action by Assad’s forces, specifically from the “25 Special Tasks” division. The Al-Fath Al-Mubeen Operations Room claims they thwarted several of these counter-assaults, further injuring and killing about 15 members of the Al-Taramih battalion within this division.

The statement concludes with a determined promise, with the Al-Fath Al-Mubeen Operations Room asserting their commitment to defending their land and honor. They hint at possessing multiple strategies and tactics that will confound their enemies and suggest that their next moves will be seen rather than heard.


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