SSG Hosts Educational Forum “How to Select Your University Major” in Idlib City

Credit: (Social Media / SSG)

The Department of Political Affairs of the Syrian Salvation Government (SSG) is organizing the inaugural symposium for students in the liberated areas, titled “How to Select Your University Major.” This event provides students with the valuable opportunity to participate in a series of lectures and activities designed to offer guidance in the crucial task of choosing a specialization for their university studies.

The forum is being held at the Kitap Cafe in Idlib City and commenced on Wednesday, September 6, continuing through Thursday, September 7. The program encompasses a diverse range of activities, including lectures delivered by distinguished trainers, teachers, and professors from various fields, as well as competitions and scholarship opportunities.

Kitap Cafe also features a spacious showroom with booths showcasing a wide variety of academic disciplines that students may consider pursuing during their academic journey. These include Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Informatics Engineering, Economics and Management, Literature, Sharia and Law, Veterinary Medicine, Agricultural Engineering, Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Health Sciences, and Laboratory Sciences.

The event features a series of seminars by esteemed lecturers, including Dr. Ahmed Zaidan, Dr. Muhammad Maznouk, Dr. Marwan Shaaban, Musab Badawi, Aisha Al Dibs, and Ayman Seif El-Din, covering topics such as:

1. The Impact of the Artificial Intelligence Revolution on University Studies
2. Key Concepts of University Specializations
3. The Importance of Youth on a Personal and Societal Level
4. The Most Prominent Problems Confronting Contemporary Youth
5. The Role of Youth in the Syrian Revolution
6. Progressing Toward a Ph.D.

Moreover, the Department of Political Affairs is generously awarding six scholarships to outstanding students who excel in the competitions held during the forum. On the first day of the event, Adnan Salloum Al-Abd and Amina Abbas were both recognized for their excellent performance and received scholarships.


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