SSG Ministry of Interior Opens First Police College in Greater Idlib

Credit: (SSG / Social Media)
The Prime Minister and the Minister of Interior visited Greater Idlib’s first Police College before its inaugural first term began. The academy founded by the Syrian Salvation Government’s (SSG) Ministry of Interior endeavors to provide training and education for law enforcement officers in the liberated north on par with other similar institutions abroad.

The project, which took a year of planning to ready, has a curriculum that covers a broad range of legal and academic disciplines and paramilitary training essential to modern law enforcement. Islamic law and rulings are taught alongside the mechanisms of the legal institutions in the liberated areas. The laws and regulations in the SSG-administered areas, range from those covering domestic issues like marriage and family affairs to the procedures covering drugs and narcotics and controlled substances. The administration strove to ensure the curriculum was standardized and on par with those of other police academies around the world.

In an interview with Al-Sham News Agency, the Director of the institution, Brigadier General Ahmed Latouf, spoke about the establishment of the college and its necessity to raise the capabilities of the police forces in the liberated areas.

According to Latouf, a typical day of study at the academy, begins with physical fitness training before daybreak followed by breakfast and then paramilitary and tactical training, various academic subjects are taught in the lecture halls followed by an afternoon break after which there are other lessons and then evening physical training. The 17-hour day runs from around 5 am to 10 pm.

The goal of the program, says Latouf, is to produce law enforcement personnel who will secure the safety and rights of the people in the liberated areas, prevent crimes, deal with criminals, and ensure that justice is served.


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