Assad Targets School, Mosque, and Homes in Sarmeen, Killing Girl and Injuring Infant

Credit: (White Helmets / Social Media)

In the past two days, the Assad regime has carried out multiple attacks on civilians in the Idlib region. According to the statement from the Syrian Salvation Government (SSG) Regional Administration, the city of Sarmeen was targeted with artillery and rocket launchers, this morning, October 4, resulting in the death of a child and injuries to other civilians.

The attacks on Sarmeen’s residential neighborhoods coincided with Russian reconnaissance planes flying over the area, suggesting coordination between the regime and Russian forces in the designation of targets, including a school and mosque.

Yesterday, Sarmeen experienced a similar bombardment, which injured a man and a woman. The regime also targeted the town of Afes and the village of Majdlaya with mortar shells and heavy artillery.

The Syria Civil Defense, also known as the White Helmets, reported that a girl named Leyla was killed while leaving school. Six other civilians, including three girls (one of them an infant), two women, and a man, were injured in missile strikes by regime forces. The strikes targeted civilian homes, the central mosque, and a school in Sarmeen. With one rocket landing next to the school playground.

Additionally, regime forces launched rockets at agricultural lands and a residential house in the Wadi al-Zuhur area on the outskirts of Binnish. Fortunately, there were no civilian casualties reported in this incident. The attacks on Sarmeen resumed in the afternoon, targeting residential neighborhoods and the main road in the village of al-Nayrab. Despite the bombings, no further casualties were reported

Assad’s recent attacks on civilians in Idlib killed a child, injured several individuals, and targeted civilian infrastructure, including a mosque and school, both of which were in operation. The attacks have caused panic, fear, and instability in the region and demonstrate the continued lack of concern for international and humanitarian law by Russia and the Assad regime.


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