Idlib Joins Global Solidarity Demonstrations in Support of Palestine and Gaza

Credit: (L24 / Social Media)

In a remarkable demonstration of global solidarity, individuals from various corners of the world have taken to the streets to express their unwavering support for the people of Palestine, particularly those living in Gaza. These demonstrations are intended to convey a message of unity and empathy, emphasizing the shared struggle against oppression and the call for justice. Significantly, areas liberated within Syria, including the province of Idlib and Idlib City, have actively participated, fully aware of the grim realities of siege, oppression, displacement, and bombardment.

On Friday, residents of Idlib City congregated in The Clock Square to express their steadfast support for Gaza. Demonstrators proudly waved Palestinian flags alongside those of the Syrian revolution, symbolizing the unity of their struggles. Banners were raised, displaying messages of solidarity with Gaza, including one that read, “Our people in Gaza, our blood with your blood, and our souls with your souls… We must all be liberated and meet.”

Similar displays of solidarity have been evident in other liberated regions of Syria. In southern Syria, cities such as Suwayda, Muzayrib, and al-Harak in Daraa bore witness to demonstrations in support of Gaza. These demonstrations are a testament to the shared aspirations for freedom and justice, as both Syrians and Palestinians confront the challenges of occupation and oppression.

The spirit of solidarity has extended far beyond the borders of Syria. In Turkey, crowds congregated outside mosques, rallying against Israeli brutality and emphasizing the importance of Muslim unity in the face of Israeli actions. The south-eastern city of Diyarbakir in Turkey witnessed a march that underscored this unity.

In the Israeli-occupied West Bank, specifically in Nablus, Palestinian youths set fires on the streets and clashed with the Israeli military, further highlighting the depth of frustration and anger prevailing in the region.

The global reach of these demonstrations became evident in various European cities, including Rome, Braband in Denmark, and Berlin. While police in these regions detained some protesters, it is important to acknowledge that Germany and France had previously prohibited pro-Palestinian demonstrations citing “security concerns.”

Beyond Europe, a global wave of demonstrations supporting Palestine was witnessed in Yemen, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Japan, Sri Lanka, Bulgaria, Cape Town, India’s Kashmir region, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Egypt. These demonstrations serve as a universal call for justice and an end to the suffering endured by the Palestinian people.

From Idlib City in Syria to cities worldwide, people have united to demand justice and an end to the oppression faced by Palestinians. These demonstrations serve as a powerful reminder that the pursuit of freedom and dignity transcends borders, and the voices of solidarity will continue to resonate until a just resolution is achieved.


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