Russia Escalates its bombing of Idlib and its Countryside Following Israeli Airstrikes

Credit: (L24 / Social Media)

Over the past 24 hours, Russian aircraft have intensified their attacks of several areas in Idlib and its countryside on various locations, targeting civilian infrastructure, essential facilities, and installations.

Russian aircraft carried out strikes on the eastern outskirts of Idlib city, conducting nighttime attacks on several villages and towns in Jabal al-Arbaeen and Jabal al-Zawiya, located to the south of Idlib. Additionally, there was a significant presence of Russian reconnaissance drones in the area.

The Russian air force executed nine airstrikes and conducted 18 strikes on the towns of Mashoun, Al-Bara, Kansafra, and the outskirts of Ahsim. These attacks resulted in the tragic death of a woman and the injury of her husband during an assault on their home in Jabal al-Arbaeen. In a coordinated effort, the Assad regime launched heavy artillery attacks on the villages of Al-Ruwaiha, Fleifel, Benin, and Al-Bara, concurrent with the Russian airstrikes in various regions.

These attacks have occurred in the context of statements from the Assad regime, attempting to establish a connection between recent Israeli airstrikes on Aleppo and Damascus airports, aimed at preventing Iranian weapons shipments, and the opposition forces in northern Syria. The regime claims that their actions against Syrian civilians are in retaliation for Israeli attacks and in support of the Palestinian cause.

However, Abdullah El Sharif, an Egyptian poet and social media personality who provides analysis and commentary on Middle Eastern current affairs, posted a 20-minute video discussing the situation in Gaza and criticized Assad. In his video, El Sharif mentioned that on October 7th, while Gaza was under attack, Assad did not send his troops to the border to distract Israeli forces or exert pressure on them. Instead, he directed them to bombard civilians in Idlib when the world’s attention was focused on Gaza and occupied Palestine. El Sharif saw this as an opportunistic move by Assad to commit further war crimes.

The liberated northern region has experienced a violent escalation campaign for the past ten days, resulting in the loss of nearly 50 civilian lives, injuries to several hundred individuals, and the forced displacement of tens of thousands of residents from their homes. Additionally, this campaign has caused extensive damage to residential complexes, schools, hospitals, and critical infrastructure.


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