Syrian Salvation Government Supports Palestinian Right to Reclaim Their Land

Credit: Anadolu Agency via Getty Images Copyright: 2021 Anadolu Agency

The Syrian Salvation Government (SSG) issued a statement yesterday expressing its “unwavering support” for the Palestinian people’s right to reclaim and liberate their land. The statement, titled The Storm of Al-Aqsa, mentions the historical and religious significance of Palestine and calls for unity and solidarity in the face of the internationally recognized illegal occupation. The statement highlights the Palestinian cause as an inspiration for the Syrian people in their own struggle against the Assad regime.

The SSG’s Political Affairs Department affirms that the issue of Palestine is not only a concern for Palestinians but also for the entire Muslim world, and those who value the sanctities of the blessed land. The statement condemns the 75 years of aggression and occupation that the Palestinian people have endured, which aimed to divide Palestine, alter its map, and desecrate its sanctities.

The SSG emphasizes that the right of the Palestinian people to reclaim their land is deeply rooted in history and guaranteed by all religions. It asserts that this right does not expire with time and cannot be erased by years. The statement calls upon religious bodies, international fatwa councils, and scholars to support and endorse the resilient people of Palestine in their struggle and jihad.

It also acknowledges that the Palestinian cause is a source of inspiration for the free Syrian people in their long-standing struggle against the criminal Assad regime. It recognizes the lessons of patience, preparation, and renewal of confrontation methods that the Palestinian resistance has taught. The SSG sees the Palestinian resistance as a testament to the power of free decision-making and unwavering determination.

The SSG urges the Palestinian people to unite and stand with their righteous sons until all their rights are fully restored. Stressing that what was taken by force can only be regained by force. The statement also extends respect and reverence to the steadfast Palestinian people and the resistance brigades, particularly the Al-Qassam Brigades.

The Syrian Salvation Government’s statement in support of the Palestinian people’s right to reclaim their land underscores the historical, religious, and moral significance of the Palestinian cause. It calls for unity, solidarity, and international support from both Muslims and the global community in order to ensure the restoration of Palestinian rights. The SSG views the Palestinian struggle as an inspiration for their own fight against the Assad regime, and they end the statement supplicating for the victory and empowerment of both, the Palestinian and Syrian people.


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