Iran forces Syrian Regime to Operate Flights from Tehran to Latakia

Cham Wings Airlines

Iran has announced the resumption of flights from Tehran to Latakia after the disruption of transportation due to Israel’s targeting of Damascus and Aleppo airports, rendering them out of service.

The Fars news agency reported that the first flight is scheduled to depart on Tuesday, November 14th, aboard aircraft operated by Cham Wings, a company that had previously refused to transport passengers based on orders from the Syrian regime.

The agency also mentioned that “pilgrims” can travel to Latakia by purchasing an air ticket from Cham Wings, and upon arrival, they will be transferred to Damascus free of charge by buses.

In recent times, the Syrian regime had attempted to avoid flights from Iran to Latakia, fearing potential attacks similar to those suffered by Damascus and Aleppo airports.

Last Wednesday, Fars reported that “pilgrimage missions” had previously headed from Tehran to Damascus, and in the presence of problems (Israeli airstrikes), they were diverted to Aleppo airport.

However, following the repeated shutdown of both airports and the possibility of further Israeli airstrikes in the coming days, it was planned for flights from Iran to land in Latakia.

According to the source, Cham Wings had refused to operate any flights from Iran to Syria in recent days.

The agency quoted an informed source as saying, “The security forces under the Syrian regime have decided to prohibit the company from operating flights from Iran to Latakia due to certain restrictions.”

The agency also confirmed that Cham Wings itself “does not have a flight schedule for the coming days, even for the next two weeks.”

It’s worth noting that following the conflict in Gaza between Hamas and Israel, the latter launched multiple airstrikes targeting both Damascus and Aleppo airports, resulting in their repeated closure.


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