Covert Tactics Unveiled: Iranian Militias’ Unconventional Transport Methods to Syria

Iranian militias have adopted a novel method to transport their fighters to Syria, fearing potential American or Israeli airstrikes amid escalating attacks in Syria and Lebanon.

A technical malfunction in one of the buses designated for transporting pilgrims from Iraq to Syria near the village of Al-Kashma in the eastern countryside of Deir ez-Zor revealed the use of these buses by Iran-affiliated groups to transfer their elements to Syria.

According to sources cited by the “Euphrates Eye” network, after the breakdown of one of the buses in the village of Al-Kashma under the control of the regime and Iran-affiliated groups, it was discovered that, in addition to Shiite visitors, it was carrying members of Iran-affiliated groups coming from Iraq.

The sources indicated that military vehicles belonging to Iran-affiliated groups headed to the location of the disabled bus and transported around 35 elements towards the city of Al-Asharah.

They limited themselves to transferring the elements and left the rest of the passengers, the “Shiite visitors,” stranded in the open air amid cold weather, without offering any assistance to them.

Sources pointed out that this move angered the “visitors,” accusing Iran-affiliated groups of exploiting them to transport their elements from Iraq to Syria using civilian buses, exposing them to the risk of being targeted.


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