SSG’s Seventh Session Unveils “Goals and Vision”

Credit (SSG)

Recently elected Prime Minister Engineer Muhammad al-Bashir, at the helm of the Syrian Salvation Government (SSG), revealed ambitious goals and a visionary agenda during the government’s seventh session convened in Idlib City on February 28, 2024.

Al-Bashir, newly appointed to lead the SSG, outlined a comprehensive plan aimed at “charting the course for the future of the liberated territories”, with a “steadfast commitment to addressing the needs and aspirations of the people residing in these areas.”

Central to the government’s objectives is the enhancement of the judicial system. Al-Bashir articulated plans to bolster the number of judicial institutions and elevate the proficiency of their personnel. These efforts are geared towards expediting legal proceedings and ensuring justice for all, thereby reinstating rights to their rightful owners. Additionally, initiatives are underway to expand the Ministry of Interior and foster enhanced security and stability across the liberated north.

In the realm of development and public services, al-Bashir underscored the government’s focus on fortifying education, healthcare, and industry. Proposals include the implementation of modern urban plans for cities and towns, the establishment of sustainable projects in internally displaced persons (IDP) camps, by digging wells and extending water and power lines to these currently negated areas, and providing essential services such as electricity and water. These endeavors aim not only to elevate the quality and efficiency of services but also to extend their reach to a broader populace.

The SSG, inaugurated in late 2017, has progressively revitalized civil institutions in the liberated territories, notwithstanding years of devastation wrought by the regime’s bombardment. Notable achievements encompass infrastructure expansions, electrification initiatives, rehabilitation of irrigation facilities, issuance of smart personal identification cards, driver’s licenses, and administrative reforms.

During his address to the General Shura Council, Prime Minister al-Bashir expressed gratitude to those instrumental in advancing the cause of the liberated areas. He reiterated the government’s commitment to safeguarding the gains of the revolution while embarking on a new phase characterized by distinguished quality in sustainable service delivery.

Al-Bashir articulated multifaceted strategies spanning judiciary reform, economic revitalization, agricultural support, healthcare enhancement, and educational advancement. Emphasizing the transition from emergency to sustainable services in displacement camps, the Prime Minister pledged to introduce modern technologies to streamline governance and service provision.

As the SSG enters this transformative phase under al-Bashir’s leadership, aspirations run high for “the realization of a prosperous and resilient future for the liberated territories, grounded in principles of justice, development, and service excellence.”


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