Assad Regime Forces Bomb Children’s School in Northern Syria

Credit: (White Helmets/Social Media)

In a devastating turn of events on March 19, 2024, Assad regime forces attacked Katyan village in eastern rural Idlib, targeting a children’s school. The rockets, fired from a rocket launcher, directly targeted the building of Murshed Mohammad Ayyan Elementary School, partially destroying the building and causing slight damage to the interior furnishings. Fortunately, no casualties were caused in the early morning attack.

The Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR) swiftly condemned this act, highlighting how it flagrantly violates UN Security Council resolutions 2139 & 2254. These resolutions unequivocally prohibit indiscriminate attacks, emphasizing the imperative to distinguish between civilians and fighters, as mandated by the rules of international humanitarian law. Such assaults serve no purpose other than to instill fear and panic among civilians, compelling them to flee their homes and lands, contributing to the alarming statistics of internal displacement in Syria.

The international community stands at a crucial juncture, says the group who they called upon to exert pressure on the Assad regime and its allies to facilitate a process of political transition and cease attacks in the region. SNHR emphasized that ensuring the rights and well-being of civilians, especially children, are paramount. As the holy month of Ramadan continues amidst near-daily attacks it serves as a reminder of the ongoing terror and danger the Assad regime and its Russian and Iranian allies expose the Syrian people to.


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