Restrictions Imposed on Mosques and Quran Education in Deir Ezzor During Ramadan

Credit: (North Press)

According to reports from local media outlet Deir Ezzor 24 (D24), the Assad regime’s Endowments Directorate in Deir Ezzor has stipulated that courses for teaching and memorizing the Quran may be conducted within mosques during Ramadan, but only with the approval of the Political Security and State Security branches. This requirement places a significant bureaucratic hurdle on mosques seeking to offer educational programs centered around Quranic studies during this sacred month.

This development has raised concerns among the local populace as many fear such checks may be used as a pretext to arrest and detain local Imams, students, and preachers. Ramadan is traditionally a time when Muslims around the world devoutly engage in reading, memorizing, and deepening their relationship with the Quran, these restrictions have drawn attention to the challenges faced by communities striving to practice their faith amidst regime restrictions.

A correspondent for D24 highlighted that imams of mosques intending to hold Quran memorization courses are compelled to undertake stringent measures that not only impede the smooth functioning of educational initiatives within mosques but also introduce an atmosphere of fear, surveillance, and control over religious activities.

Of particular concern is the stark contrast between the restrictions imposed on Quran education within Sunni mosques and the leniency afforded to courses teaching Shiite doctrine in Husseiniyat and Iranian cultural centers in Deir Ezzor. Unlike their counterparts in mosques, these programs do not require any approval from security authorities; instead, they receive full support. This disparate treatment underscores the underlying political dynamics at play and raises questions about the equitable treatment of religious institutions and practices. This comes in the wake of Iran taking control of the religious activities in many mosques in the province at the beginning of Ramadan.


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