Security Forces Raid ISIS Cell Believed Responsible for Assassination in Idlib

Credit: (Ministry of Interior)

 A major security operation was carried out by the Executive Force of the Public Security Department against an ISIS cell in the Harem area northwest of Idlib. The cell, entrenched in a residential building, is believed to be responsible for the assassination of Abu Maria al-Qahtani last month.

According to Major Hamza al-Ahmad, Director of the Security Directorate in Harem, the ISIS cell believed responsible for the assassination has been arrested after continuous monitoring by the Public Security Department. “Good news, thanks to God, the ISIS cell that assassinated Sheikh Abu Maria al-Qahtani was arrested,” Ahmad announced.

The operation involved intense clashes between the security forces and the ISIS members. “The Public Security Forces affiliated with the Ministry of Interior raided a building where an ISIS cell was holed up in the Harem area, killing a number of them and arresting the rest after clashing with them,” Ahmad stated. He added that the forces seized weapons, ammunition, explosive belts, and a car bomb during the raid.

Despite initial reports of ongoing clashes, the situation has been brought under control, with the General Security forces now deployed at the site to secure the area and protect civilians. The Minister of Interior, in a video address, provided further details about the criminal cell involved in the assassination.

The Minister lauded the efforts of the specialized division of the Public Security Department in tracking and monitoring the cell members responsible for the assassination. “This treacherous operation in which one of their suicide bombers blew himself up at Sheikh Abu Maria’s guest house, killing him. May God accept him. A number of his companions were seriously injured. May God heal them all,” he said.

The Minister also detailed the dismantling of a car bomb and a booby-trapped motorcycle at the site. “Explosive materials, circuits, explosive devices, several explosive belts, and devices that were prepared for operations in the area were found,” he reported. During the clash, one of the cell members was killed, another was injured, and the rest were arrested.

The Ministry of Interior issued a statement reiterating their commitment to security. “We pledge to God first and to our free and noble people second, we will remain your strong shield in standing in the face of these corrupt criminal cells and agents of the criminal regime until we reach a society that enjoys security and safety,” the statement read. This operation marks a significant blow to ISIS’s presence in the region and highlights the ongoing efforts of security forces to combat criminality and maintain stability in the area.


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