Assad Regime Denies Meetings with Turkey and Reaffirms Preconditions

Credit: (Social Media)

The Assad regime has denied holding any military or security meetings with Turkey at the Russian Hmeimim base in Syria, reiterating its adherence to preconditions for advancing talks between the two parties.

Sources from Al-Watan newspaper, which is closely aligned with the Assad regime, stated, “There has been no change in [Damascus’] position regarding the conditions for rapprochement with Ankara, particularly the expression of readiness to withdraw from Syria and the designation of the ‘opposition factions’ (revolutionary groups) as ‘terrorists.’”

These sources confirmed that recent reports about meetings at the Hmeimim base were inaccurate, emphasizing that the regime’s stance on rapprochement hinges primarily on Turkey’s withdrawal from Syrian territory. On the topic of Iraqi mediation between Turkey and the Assad regime, the sources noted that efforts to stimulate the rapprochement process are ongoing. Baghdad is reportedly playing a significant role in this initiative, “with the support of Saudi Arabia, Russia, China, and Iran, and implicit American approval.” Baghdad aims to initiate the process at a technical level as a precursor to higher-level meetings, contingent on meeting specific conditions.

Local sources indicate that the Assad regime seeks an integrated agreement wherein Turkey commits to a withdrawal timeline, ceases interference in Syrian internal affairs, and engages exclusively with the regime. However, Turkey has set four conditions for its withdrawal: completion of political negotiations, drafting a new constitution, holding elections, and restoring stability suitable for the return of refugees.

The Turkish newspaper Aydinlik cited unnamed sources asserting, “There are no ongoing talks at the intelligence level between Turkey and the regime,” adding that Ankara has informed Moscow and Tehran that it will not engage with Assad if he insists on preconditions. This statement followed Russia conveying Iran’s request to Ankara to participate in a quadripartite meeting in recent weeks.


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