Remembering Abdul Baset al-Sarout: A Symbol of the Syrian Revolution

Credit: (Omar Haj Kadour/Agence France-Presse)

On this day, June 8, 2024, the Syrian people commemorate the fifth anniversary of the martyrdom of Abdul Baset al-Sarout, a symbol of resilience and a beacon of hope for the revolution. His unwavering commitment to the Syrian revolution and his ultimate sacrifice continue to inspire those who fight for freedom and justice.

Born in Homs, Abdul Baset al-Sarout initially gained fame as a talented goalkeeper, but his legacy was cemented in the streets and battlefields of Syria. As the revolution erupted in 2011, al-Sarout quickly became a prominent figure, leading protests with his powerful voice and steadfast spirit. His chants echoed the collective aspirations of a nation yearning for dignity and liberation.

In an interview with L24, al-Sarout’s mother, Umm Abdul Baset, shared poignant memories of her son and his dedication to the revolution. “All five of my sons were martyred,” she recounted, “they died defending the land and honor of the people.” Her words show the profound personal sacrifices made by countless Syrian families in the pursuit of freedom.

The Sarout family’s journey through the revolution is marked by tragedy and unyielding resolve. Umm Abdul Baset described how she and her children joined the demonstrations from the onset, standing side by side in their fight against oppression. Despite the loss of her sons, she remains resolute, vowing to continue the struggle until the Assad regime is overthrown and held accountable for its crimes.

Reflecting on the ongoing struggle, Umm Abdul Baset draws parallels with other long-fought battles for freedom, such as Palestine, and emphasizes the importance of perseverance. “We are patient, and we will be able to win by our strength, Allah willing,” she asserts, highlighting the unbreakable resolve that fuels the revolution.

As the Syrian people remember Abdul Baset al-Sarout, it is crucial to acknowledge the broader context of the Syrian revolution. His story is intertwined with the countless lives lost and the enduring struggle for justice. The revolutionaries’ determination remains steadfast, with a vision for a Syria free from dictatorship and oppression.

In her interview, Umm Abdul Baset also conveyed a powerful message to Syrian women, urging them to support the revolution. “To every mother, sister, and aunt, who is the relative of one of the martyrs, I call for everyone not to accept any decision to maintain or legitimize Assad,” she declared, reinforcing the unity and resolve needed to achieve their goals.

The international community is also called upon to recognize the legitimacy of the Syrian people’s demands. Umm Abdul Baset’s message is clear: “We will not accept any ‘solution’ by the international community that is not in our favor, and we will continue our revolution, Allah willing!”


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