The latest developments in the Daraa region with possible military escalation

The city of Daraa has been witnessing a state of tension in security with the possibility of a military escalation by the Syrian regime and Russia. This preceded the rounds of negotiations between Russia and the Daraa Central Committees in discussing the security situation in the province, which witnesses assassinations on a daily basis, and complete security chaos for the local militias affiliated with the branches of the regime.

The latest Russian demands to the Daraa Negotiating Committee were to hand over 200 individual weapons (used for personal protection), in exchange for removing the local committees affiliated with the regime’s security services from Manshiyya, and Sajna neighborhood, and the Old Daraa region. The Russian demands were met with widespread rejection by the people of the region.

In response to the locals’ refusal of the demands, the Russian general known as “Assad Allah” who was appointed by Russia two weeks ago, threatened military action using Shiite militias against them. Furthermore, they began imposing a siege on the area by closing the main roads leading from and to the city center on June 24th. The next morning (June 25), warplanes flew over Daraa city and its countryside at low altitudes.

According to Ahrar Houran Gathering, on June 24th a convoy of Iranian militias from “Redwan Brigades” entered the city of Izraa, transporting dozens of fighters. These actions confirm the presence of Iranian-Russian coordination regarding the Daraa region.

The siege of the city of Daraa began on the 31st of May after the Syrian regime forces closed many of the roads surrounding Daraa al-Mahatta, which confirms the regime’s intention to militarily escalate in the area before its demand and the meetings between the Russians and the locals. Activists say that it’s likely an act of revenge against the people of the province in response to their refusal to participate in the presidential elections.

The image shows sand barriers raised by Assad forces under Russian orders to cut off in and outgoing roads to impose a siege on Daraa city after the locals refused a Russian order to surrender their personal weapons. – June 28, 2021


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