The political process in Syria and the search for a mirage

Dr. Ahmed Muwaffaq Zaidan

Alexander Lavrentiev, the envoy of Russian President Vladimir Putin, summarized what they wish from the political process in Syria. After he commented on the continuous massacre that lasted for years in Idlib and its effects of displacement, saying: “The most important thing about what happens in Idlib is that it does not affect the work and activities of the constitutional committee in Geneva”, meaning that the political process must continue even if the entire opposition is ousted from its last strongholds like in Al-Qusayr, Homs, rural Damascus, and Daraa. As such, the revolution and opposition will not have any land or geographical location to negotiate over.

The political process and negotiations have deteriorated into negotiations for the sake of negotiating, and holding talks for the sake of talks, which was recently indicated to by the head of the High Negotiations Committee (HNC) Dr. Nasr Al-Hariri after the Constitutional Committee pulled the rug from under their feet. Or this is what was intended for it regionally and internationally. He said: ” Suspending negotiation efforts is better than the continuation of imaginary negotiations”. If this is the opinion from the head of negotiators of the opposition after years of empty negotiations and falsely convincing the Syrian citizen about the usefulness of them, then this is in fact a waste of time.

In reality, these negotiations are more useful for the enemy rather than for the revolutionaries or the revolution as long as it provides a cover for the ruling gang in Damascus and the occupiers behind them. This false political process finally stopped after a decade. This confronts the entire world with serious, dangerous and realistic obligations in searching for a realistic solution for what is happening. For it will reflect upon all, sooner rather than later.

It became clear to all Syrians and observers of the Syrian issue that the political process for years was merely a cover for the regime to inch forward on the ground and to strip the revolution from its national and international papers.

Nationally they were suffering setbacks in terms of losing land, rather the dialogue began to speak about the revolution’s factions and how they were terrorist in nature, including the Syrian National Army (SNA). This was indicated by so-called “friends of the Syrian people”, as a result of accusations hurled against them during the “Peace Spring” operation.

Internationally, the revolution was slowly being defanged by a reduction of those in solidarity with the revolution and revolutionaries. The situation changed much compared to years ago as a result of going to a mock political process that had no time limit, reference point, and a general lack of guarantors. Thus it threw the revolution and revolutionaries into the mouth of the Russian bear and the criminal sectarian regime.

Today, the revolution and its negotiators must stop this farce. It has been attempted and done previously by Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, which he discovered to be like grabbing straws. They are looking for someone to sign the death certificate of the Syrian people and their revolution, whom they will definitely execute. Thus the solution considered by the enemies is that this farce continues, and to continue stripping the revolution slowly, so they would be abandoned at the right time, like what happened to Arafat. Do the truthful, who were blinded by conspiracies, hotels, and empty meetings, understand this and stop this farce, return to the revolution and its true objectives? This revolution was not started for the sake of a constitution and a constitutional committee, and like one of them commented: “We accept Bashar Al-Assad’s constitution on the condition that he gives up his rule”.


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