10 years of Syrian revolution

For the few last days, I’ve been pondering over the early days of the Syrian revolution. An independent, honorable revolution. Ten years of revolution and freedom from a mafia-like sect and its malevolent militias. Ten years and the Syrian people in the liberated areas are living noble lives, of freedom, far away from the prisons of Al-Assad. It’s been a decade, and we are a free people.

Despite the pain and the memories of battles fought and the deep wounds that came with it.

All these ten years we stood alone, during easy times and its hard times. And this is exactly why this revolution is one of freedom and honor.

Ever since the beginning of the Arab Spring which started by rising against oppression in Tunisia, there was a prominent role in it for Syria. It would make perfect sense for the Syrian people to revolt. They lived under a fascist regime that stripped them of their livelihoods, their honor, their soul, their manners, and everything that could be a way for them to live in happiness.

What the regime did, was spreading among the Syrian people; death, assassinations, kidnapping, monitoring of their movements and they filled their lives with, fear, horror, and terror. And no doubt, whenever there is oppression and transgression, there will come a day that the oppressed will rise up and will remove the shackles of their oppression.

Soon after the Syrian revolution broke out it encompassed the vast majority of cities and towns, in opposition to the criminal regime of Bashar al Assad and demanded its expulsion and downfall. It confronted the cronies of Al Assad everywhere around the country.

Syria witnessed intense battles and many dreadful events to be forever recorded in the books of history. Great battles took place in Aleppo, Hama, Ghoutah, and several besieged areas. Battles in Deir al Zor, the east, and the south, battles of unimaginable bloodshed which made the people migrate and flee to all corners of the world.

After that, the Assad regime requested Iran and Russia to get involved in the war as coalition partners in order to hand over Syria to them. These two occupiers contributed on a large scale to the killing of the Syrian people, driving them out of their homes and crushing their dreams, and rescuing Assad. For the Syrian revolution, it was a major reason to reaffirm its resolve and goals. Despite the new phases of the war and the challenges up ahead, it maintained its methodology all the while facing the occupation forces that challenged it. For the revolution is like a tree whose roots reach deep into the earth, for ideals and principles do not perish.

The Assad regime and its supporters assumed in the first years that the revolution would soon be over, but the opposite happened. It became firm in its resolve and its continuation, while it faced the challenges ahead with determination and persistence.

Ten years and the Syrian revolution is patient, steadfast, and continuous. True, it is confined to a limited part of Syria, but it will come back, stronger and more firm, while its enemy is wavering in agony because of the dozens of crises that have hit its areas and its supporters. The Assad regime’s economy has hit rock bottom, where one US dollar equals 4000 Syrian pounds and this is just one of the smaller issues it needs to worry about compared to issues in other economic sectors it faces and the lack of necessary resources.

Ten years and this oppressive regime go from one catastrophe to another, and the amount of internal anger is increasing and the loss of confidence in this regime is increasing, with their failure in all crises. In the last 10 years, the revolution has become an integrated structure, every day it grows more coherent and united, a decade and the goal is still the same, despite the idiotic steps of the regime and Russia’s to reconcile or open a crossing.


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