Billions swindled. Regime customs officials involved in huge corruption ring.

Regime loyalist sources confirm that army and customs officers of the Assad regime were involved in massive corruption and theft cases estimated in the billions of SYP.

Fatima Ali Salman, regime media personality, published the news on her Facebook page, in which she wrote: “3 customs officers were arrested together with their teams for swindling billions of SYP in a corruption case.”

The news was met with great dissatisfaction from the loyalists, as Samer Samer commented: “A country of corruption and hypocrisy, where no one is held accountable.”

Mohamed Dukan commented: “The ugliest customs officials which are armed gangs protected by law. All of them are thieves, without exception.”

Syrians in the Assad-controlled areas are suffering from difficult living conditions when at the same time influential people and those close to the regime and the family of its president are enjoying the country’s wealth.


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