Russia and Iran battle for power in Northeast Syria

Russia and Iran battle for power in Northeast Syria

Areas under the control of the Assad Regime have witnessed a Russian-Iranian struggle for influence especially in the eastern region, which is rich in natural resources.

According to Syria TV, citing local sources, Iranian militias prevented a Russian delegation from entering the Maary archaeological site east of Deir Ezzor on Sunday evening. It was added that the Iranian militias prevented four cars accompanied by Russian vehicles from entering the site in the village of Al-Siyal of Al-Bukamal sub-district. The Russian delegation had insisted on entering and attempted to convince the Iranian militias, but failed and returned.

This was the second time that a Russian delegation tried to enter the same region, but all previous attempts were futile.

Iran’s interest in the area stems from its desire to control the border town of al-Bukamal to link up activities and networks from Iraq to Syria, then west to Lebanon.


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