Assad regime confiscates properties of forcibly displaced people in Damascus

According to the website “Voice of the Capital”, a regime security patrol conducted a tour in the center of the town of Ain Tarma in Damascus countryside and confiscated a number of homes, shops, and farms that were owned by people opposed to the Assad government.

The confiscated real estate and lands belonged to detained persons and families who were forcibly displaced and fled to the liberated north of Syria.

The Assad regime confiscated 10 houses, 6 shops, 2 farms, and a wedding hall, which had been used by the rebel factions as a field hospital during their control of the area.

The confiscated real estate and lands belonged to people from the “al-Homsi” family, the “Jha” family from the Damascus neighborhood of Jobar, and the “Shahouta” family.

The Syrian regime has been known to carry out “security” campaigns in its areas of control to confiscate civilian property under the pretext of terrorism. The confiscated lands provide financial assistance to the government which is desperately needed in order to support its collapsing economy.


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