Iranian militia headquarters in Aleppo targeted by unknown assailants

Sources confirmed to the Dorar Shamiya network that two gunmen on a motorcycle attacked the headquarters of the IRGC militia in Bustan al-Qasr neighborhood in Aleppo with suppressed weapons, causing death and several injuries.

The attack caused the death of a Syrian volunteer, Assad al-Issa from Tabqa city, and the injury of two guards.

The Iranian militias transported the wounded to a nearby hospital and mobilized its forces towards the location of the attack, closing all roads leading to the location to capture the perpetrators to no avail.

The eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo city have been under the control of the Iranian and Assad militias since 2016. The militias took control of them under Russian air-cover, after implementing a siege from all sides and using various weapons to bomb the populated civilian neighborhoods.


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