Fierce clashes erupt between Syrian National Army and Regime Forces in Western Aleppo

Yesterday, the western countryside of Aleppo witnessed violent clashes between regime forces and the revolutionary factions with the utilization of various types of weapons.

Sources have confirmed that the Kafr Halab, Miznaz, Kafr Nouran axis witnessed clashes, some of which were continuous and some were intermittent.

The sources added that the clashes started after midnight and continued till noon, sporadically, as Assad’s forces were still targeting the town of Kafr Nouran with mortar shells, causing five casualties so far.

This coincided with the barbaric bombing campaign launched by Russian jets on several areas of the countryside of Idlib, Aleppo and Latakia – something the region has not witnessed since the military campaign that stopped in early March, last year.

The day before, the Russian airstrikes targeted a camp of the Turkish-backed Hamzah Division from the Syrian National Army near Afrin, which resulted in over twenty of its members being killed and injured.


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