Syrian Salvation Government announces loan grants to farmers

Syrian farmer collecting olives

On the 19th of September, the Ministry of Irrigation and Agriculture from the Syrian Salvation Government published a statement announcing that it had granted loans to farmers in order to improve agricultural production in Idlib.

The ministry mentioned in the statement, “In the interest of the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation to achieve substantial requirements for emergency food resources and to support producing wheat crop for the upcoming year 2022, the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation announces the provision of loans to farmers and producers.”

Moreover, they stated that this loan includes all the requirements necessary such as developed seeds, fertilizers, fuels and pesticides, provided that the value of the loan is paid in cash after harvesting the crop.”

The statement then added, “Farmers wishing to grow wheat should take advantage of the loan and review the agricultural departments and people distributed within the liberated areas to register their names and the areas they wish to use to cultivate.”

It is noteworthy that the Syrian Salvation Government has recently launched several initiatives aimed at supporting the healthcare, education, agricultural and commercial sectors in the liberated areas.


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