Algeria to deport Syrians back to Syria

Algerians in support of the Syrian regime

Syrian activists as well as Syrian opposition representative, Abdel Hakim Qetaifan, appealed human rights organizations to stop the deportation of eight Syrians from Algeria, after the authorities arrested them while they were trying to enter Spain illegally.

Qetaifan added that despite the acquittal for the individuals by the court, they were arrested again by the country’s police, who threatened to deport them to the regime’s areas, which would have their inevitable fates being tortured, harassed or killed.

The opposition representative explained that these individuals are currently in al-Tasfirat prison, in Oran.

The Algerian government is considered as one of those most hostile to the Syrian revolution and of being close to the Assad regime. It has even called on numerous occasions for the Assad’s return to occupy Syria’s seat in the Arab League.


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