Assad Cleric in Qalamoon Killed Under Mysterious Circumstances

Muhammad Warda, on the right with Assad regime soldiers

Yesterday, pro Regime accounts on Facebook mourned the death of a religious cleric from the regime in the Qalamoun region, in southern Syria, without mentioning any reasons behind his death.

‘Zikriyat wa Akhbar Qalamoun’ confirmed the killing of Muhammad Warda, who is known for his absolute loyalty to Assad and his strong hostility towards the Syrian revolution.

Sources added that Warda was the main preacher at al-Ajami Mosque in the city of Yabroud where Hezbollah has infiltrated after a large part of its population had been displaced.

A video clip was posted on social media showcasing his funeral which was attended by hundreds of regime loyalists, both civilian and military.

It is worth noting that Assad, throughout the years of the revolution, relied on clerics and preachers who were absolutely loyal to it, to play a major role in brainwashing the locals in the regime controlled areas and swaying them to join its army to fight the revolutionaries.


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