Syrian Student gains High Scores on remarkable Thesis in Idlib Univeristy

On 24th October, the Faculty of Economics and Administration in Idlib University witnessed the presentation of an auspicious master’s thesis in business administration prepared by researcher Sakhr Faisal Ali for which he obtained his master’s degree.

Dr. Mahmoud Areed, a member of the Judgment Committee, said “The Judgment Committee, consisting of Dr. Ahmed al-Yousef as chairman, Dr. Mustafa al-Darwish as supervisor as well as Dr. Mahmoud Areed met to discuss the master’s thesis prepared by Sakhr Faisal al-Ali.”

He added that the treatise was titled as “Transformation in Administrative Leadership and its Role in the Effectiveness of the Decision-Making Process: A Field Study on Tribal and Clan Councils in the North of Syria and understanding Modern and transitional leadership.”

The committee, after discussing Sakhr’s work, awarded him a master’s degree with a outstanding score of 79.28 percent, according to Dr. Areed.

Idlib University and many of its faculties have seen progress in numerous aspects, one of which has been the recognition of their medical faculty by certain Turkish universities.

The locals have put all efforts in educating themselves with every slight opportunity they have gotten being in the midst of a 10 year long war with threats from Assad seeming to never cease.


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