Idlib University Students Gain Scholarships to Study in Turkey

Idlib University students

Idlib University witnessed the introduction of a new batch of prominent graduates to pursue their higher education in Turkey through scholarships that they have acquired recently.

President of the University, Dr. Ahmed Abu Hajar, said, “By the grace of God Almighty, and after coordination with the Department of Political Affairs in the liberated areas, Idlib University today sent about 40 graduates (men and women) who were accepted by Turkish Scholarship (YTP) to continue higher education in Turkish universities.”

Dr. Hajar added, “The students are being sent to well-renowned Turkish public universities, within the distinguished specializations need for developing and serving the liberated areas, such as medical studies, pharmacy, engineering, and economics.”

He continued, “We divided the admission process for students for over two days and Idlib University has already sent two batches obtaining the scholarship to Turkey during the past two years.”

Over the years, Idlib University has worked tirelessly in doing everything it can to evolve the academic educational system in the liberated areas, through subsidization, as well as scientific and cultural conferences to brainstorm and make new ideas into reality.


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