Regime Officers Assassinated in Daraa

Walid Adnan al-Othman (left) and Abdullah Khalil al-Ezz (right)

On the 6th of October, two officers from the regime forces were killed in an attack which targeted them in the countryside of Daraa, while they were on the Damascus-Daraa highway.

The Houran Free League confirmed that two lieutenants were killed by being shot to the head, on the road between the provinces of Daraa and Damascus, near al-Ghazali complex, in Izra.

They added that the two dead were Lieutenant Walid Adnan al-Othman and Lieutenant Abdullah Khalil al-Ezz – the first was from the city of Soran in the northern Hama countryside, and the second from Izra.

After the incident, regime forces transferred the two bodies to the central hospital in Daraa, but it was too late to save their lives.

Moreover, the Interior Minister from Assad’s regime announced that unidentified assailants had targeted two officers in Izraa , in the countryside of Daraa.

During the past few weeks, Daraa has witnessed the conclusion of new settlements in several cities and towns, in the western and northern countryside, which included handing over some of the weapons, and settling the issues of dissidents and those who ran away from military services.


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