Media Loyal to Assad Criticize Statement by Foreign Minister

Woman begging for money in Damascus street in Syria

Media outlets loyal to the Assad regime denied the statements issued by their Foreign Minister regarding the country’s readiness for the return of Syrian refugees from Europe and other parts of the world.

Fatima Ali Salman, who comes from the city of Qardaha, the birthplace of Assad, confirmed that this information was incorrect because there are still locals who are living in the gardens and streets.

She further specified that there are families in the capital, Damascus, who reside in the gardens near the farm owned by Assad’s Foreign Minister, Faisal Miqdad – the one inviting refugees to return home to safety.

Salman added that hundreds of other families will soon be forced to live in the streets, because they are no longer able to pay their rents. She also mentioned that there were dozens of cases of suffering and oppression that she knew of.

Various media outlets heavily criticized al-Miqdad’s statements about the regime making full preparations for the return of refugees, providing housing and job opportunities. The fact about the regime questioning the hosting-nations why they were preventing the refugees from returning has also been subject to criticism.

The Assad regime claims, from time to time, that the areas under its control are ready to welcome the refugees back home, ignoring the fact about the large waves of migration taking place at the same time within the same areas due to horrible living conditions. Many of Assad’s supporters have gone as far as mentioning that they would rather prefer death over life under him.


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