Second assassination attempt in Daraa in less than 24 hours

Destroyed neighborhoods in the city of Daraa. Taken in: August 2017 /Nabaa Network.

Daraa has witnessed two assassination attempts during the past 24 hours which resulted in one individual being killed and two others injured.

Sources claimed that unidentified assailants shot Jamal al-Juhmani and Wahid Sobeih in the town of Sidon, east of Daraa, which led to the first being killed and the second being wounded.

Al-Jahmani and Sobeih were from the ranks of the opposition forces in Daraa, before regime forces entered the city on July 2018 under the reconciliation agreement.

This operation came hours after unknown assailants attacked and injured Ghassan al-Mahamid in front of his house in al-Sad neighborhood. He was subsequently transferred to the National Hospital for treatment.

Al-Mahamid was the former head of the Chamber of Commerce in Daraa and was close to the Eighth Brigade backed by Russia. He was also known as the ‘godfather of reconciliations’ around the province.

It is noteworthy that since the Assad regime entered Daraa, assassinations of former fighters from the opposition factions and figures affiliated with the regime and Iran have occurred on almost a daily basis.


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