Idlib City Council Begins New Project to Repair City Streets

Road paving works in Idlib province

Local Council in Idlib city, under the supervision of the General Directorate of Technical Services, started to develop the city’s streets and asphalting them to facilitate movement as well as reduce traffic accidents caused by potholes.

Project manager, Engineer Basil Hajj Moussa said, “In order to repair the main streets in the liberated north, a joint supervision committee was formed between the General Directorate of Technical Services and Idlib City Council. The committee includes Eng. M. Abdul Razzaq Tafash, as we began to repair the roads of the city of Idlib several days ago. This was in response to the requests of the locals and to reduce traffic accidents caused by potholes on the roads.

He added, “The project aims to repair 70 streets in the city, as we completed the first phase of paving the main road linking the University Hospital and Ibn Sina Hospital, and the main roads in the neighborhoods of Sheikh Tilit and Jbara, and there are more ongoing roadworks.

Moussa explained that this project is necessary to serve the people, maintain their safety and the safety of their vehicles, as well as give the city a beautiful civilized appearance.

According to him, Idlib city council seeks to maintain all the main and subsidiary streets in the city before winter. The estimated cost of the project is approximately $60,000.


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