IDP’s Left with No Choice but to Leave as Heavy Rainfall Drowns Camps

An IDP camp flooded by the rain /Getty Images

Dozens of refugee camps on the road between the village of Kafr Uruq and Kafr Daryan, northwest Syria, were severely damaged as a result of bad weather as the rainfall flooded the worn out tents forcing many to seek shelter elsewhere.

The Hamimat al-Dayer camp, which is located near the village of Kafr Uruq, was among those that were affected, leaving more than ten families to abandon their tents that were submerged in rain, mud and sewage water.

Many of those affected complained about the inability of the tents to protect them from the bad weather and that they were left with no choice but to leave, even though most of them do not even know where to run to.

Moreover, some of the roads leading to these camps have been cut off due to flooding, which in turn has made it difficult for the Syria Civil Defense, and other organizations working to help ease the situation.

The IDP’s have been scattered throughout Idlib, suffering from tough humanitarian conditions, with their camps lacking proper infrastructure and are unable to withstand harsh weather conditions.

As the coldest days of the season hits Syria, many activists have appealed to the international community to provide ways to resolve the issue for the IDP’s suffering from bitterness of winter.


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