Senior Regime Officers Use ISIS Attacks in Major Corruption Deals

Regime militias looting civilian homes

Pro-regime accounts on Facebook reported about major corruption and theft carried out by senior officers in Assad’s army, taking advantage of ISIS attacks in Badia (Homs desert).

The ISIS Internal Corruption Facebook page reported that senior officers, including commanders from the pro-Russian Fifth Corps, Brigadier General Ali Muhammad Ali, Colonel Muhammad Tamer and Lieutenant-Colonel Ali Hassan, stole several cars, under the pretext that they were destroyed by ISIS ambushes.

Sources quoted members of the same brigade, that the officers added cars from the owners of the 1645 Brigade of the Fifth Corps to the list of cars destroyed in the clashes in the Syrian desert.

They mentioned that the officers sell the stolen cars (after dismantlement into parts) in the industrial areas of Aleppo and Hama, and an amount of $200 is paid to Colonel Muhammad Tamer, head of the technical affairs department, for each car.

The last of the vehicles that was dismantled and sold were Ural trucks (Russian manufactured).

Assad’s forces took advantage of the ten years of war in Syria and the displacement of the locals to carry out major thievery, to the point of demolishing homes to steal electric cables, tiles and bricks.


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