Syrian Salvation Government Forms Committee to Handle Real Estate

Sarmada, Idlib province

On the 1st of December, the Presidency of the Council of Ministers from the SSG released a statement about the formation of a committee, whose mission is to study Resolution No. 438 on renting real estate intended for housing, and propose appropriate solutions to control it. They are to submit the results to the Prime Minister to issue a binding decision for implementation in the liberated areas

Based on several factors, including the statement from the General Conference issued on September 2017, the Decree of the Presidency of the General Shura Council (number two) on December 2020, and the requirements of the people, they issued the following:

• Forming a committee consisting of certain qualified and capable individuals;
• The aims of the committee would be to study the cases regarding renting real estate and proposing appropriate solutions regarding rentals of complex real estates for housing and the ways of controlling them;
• The committee submits the results of its work to the Prime Minister to issue a constitutive decision for implementation;
• The committee shall seek the assistance of whoever it deems appropriate to carry out its work;
• This decision is to be transferred to whoever is required for execution or implementation.

The Syrian Salvation Government, along with the help of various organizations have progressed over the years to accommodating the needs of those residing in its areas of control. From time to time, changes have been made to suit the circumstances to get the best outcome that may benefit the Syrians.


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