Syrians stuck on Belarus – Poland Borders Refuse to Return Home

Iraqi, Kurdish and Syrian refugees stuck between Belarus and Poland on Nov. 11, 2021. – Courtesy of Arshad Hassan

Syrian migrants stuck between the borders of Belarus and Poland expressed their reluctance in returning to their country, justifying that they paid thousands of dollars to reach Belarus, without achieving their final destination in Europe.

A Syrian migrant mentioned to Reuters that he still hopes to reach Europe, considering it illogical to leave children as young as a year old in such circumstances (between the borders).

Another Syrian migrant confirmed that his plans would be to stay because he cannot go to the forests or return to Syria, saying, “There is nothing in Syria. I have nothing. No home, no school, no work, I don’t have anything there.”

The assistant to the Belarusian president, Yuri Karai, stressed that the migrants who refuse to return to their country must work to earn a living, because his country does not provide aid to the unemployed.

Assad and his regime have stressed numerous times that the areas under their control are safe to return to. This was in contrary to the truth, as many who returned had been harassed, arrested or even tortured by the regime.


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