Another Hospital on Brink of Closure as Health Sector in Idlib edges towards Collapse

Recently, hospitals that are still able to operate in northwestern Syria, have been filled with all different kinds of patients while receiving very limited funding.

A hospital in Darkush, northwestern Idlib, is one of those that are about to shut down, as its running on what remains of the international funding through the WHO. This will add them to the list of hospitals that have already been out of service due to [financial] support being cut off.

Dr. Salem Abdan, Director of the Local Health Administration Authority, which handles health affairs in the liberated areas, mentions to AFP, “Support has stopped for about 18 hospitals in Idlib and its surroundings since the end of 2021”.

Throughout the Syrian conflict, hospitals used to receive operational support, salaries and medicine through international donors. According to the WHO, around 3.1 million people out of a total of 4.4 million in northwest Syria are in need healthcare. During 2021, the United Nations and its funding partners received only 46% of the required funding ($4.2 billion) planned for aiding the Syrian people.


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