Assad Regime Losses in Oil Exceed $100 Billion

The Ministry of Oil and Mineral Resources of the Assad regime announced that the total losses in the oil sector amounted to 100.5 billion dollars approximately since the beginning of the war in Syria.

According to reports, the ministry stated that oil production during the past year amounted to about 31.4 million barrels with an average daily production of 85.9 thousand barrels, of which 16,000 barrels per day reach refineries. They accused the US and the SDF of stealing up to 70,000. barrels a day from the eastern region.

The Ministry also stated that the production of natural gas amounted to about 4.5 billion cubic meters, with a daily production rate of 12.5 million cubic meters, of which 12 million cubic meters per day was from clean gas – 79% of which was delivered to the Ministry of Electricity, 6% to the Ministry of Industry, and 15% to the Ministry of Oil and Mineral Resources.

They mentioned the average quantities delivered to the Ministry of Electricity on a daily basis amounted to 9 million cubic meters during the past year.

Meanwhile, the total production of domestic gas reached 118 thousand tons (48 thousand tons refined and 70 thousand tons of gas plants), equivalent to 323 tons per day.


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