UNHCR: Thousands of Syrians in Jordan were deprived of aid

Syrian refugees east of Amman /Image Mohammad Abu Ghosh/Xinhua Press/Corbis

The High Commissioner for Refugees in Jordan revealed that thousands of refugee families in Jordan did not receive the necessary aid during the month of July.

They said: “12,000 refugee families in Jordan did not receive any kind of support (especially money) in the month of July due to limited funding.

The UNHCR added: “These families who did not receive aid for this month are (still) registered on the waiting list. During the month of June, about 33,000 refugee families (3,000 of them being non-Syrian) in Jordan received monetary assistance from the UN”.

The Commission mentioned that they provides cash assistance, according to the funding available to them, on a monthly basis to the families who are the neediest.

The deteriorating economic conditions in the Kingdom of Jordan have lead to a rise in poverty which in turn has increased the suffering of the Syrian refugees there.

Reports have suggested that Syrians living abroad have lost trust on Bashar al-Assad’s claim that the areas under his regime have become safe for the refugees to return to. This is due to the fact that most of those who have returned have been harassed, arrested or tortured under different circumstances.


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