Political Affairs Department to hold Book Fair in Idlib

A book fair will be held under the patronage of the Department of Political Affairs and under the supervision of the Directorate of Culture from the Syrian Salvation Government. This is the second one of its kind, after the first fair was held last year.

Publishers and libraries from across the liberated areas, as well as publishers from Turkey are set to participate in the exhibition.

According to the Directorate of Culture, the exhibition aims to encourage the local mass to read more. In addition to that, they aim to get the people closer to libraries and showcase what they have to offer.

A variety of books will be displayed regarding heritage, education, psychological, medical and law as well as novels, story books and poetry.

The exhibition this year comes with a number of developments. The first is how it has been organized through multiple committees which includes the exhibiting painting and sculpture.

Moreover, seminars and poetry reading will be held during the days of the fair. The second development is that this time it will have external (international) publishers, including those on medical books.

The location of the event has been set to a library called Kitap Café, in the city of Idlib, which has undergone refurbishing in order to suit the event.

According to the Directorate, they plan to hold the next book fair at Cultural Center in Idlib city.


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