North Aleppo Infighting Gains Momentum as Factions Unite against Jaish al-Islam and Jabha Shamia

Muatassim Brigade, al-Hamzah Brigade, Ahrar al-Sham, and HTS gained control over several locations after Jabha Shamia and Jaish al-Islam had launched a military operation against al-Hamzah Brigade two days ago.

Earlier today, al-Hamzah Brigade and Ahrar al-Sham conducted an operation against Jaish al-Islam from one of the roundabouts in al-Bab city and took control of the Faculty of Agriculture, and commenced operations to take the city.

Alongside the village and cross of al-Hamran, in northern Aleppo, Ahrar al-Sham now controls the entire area of Jarablus, and has begun to advance towards Abla and Susiya.

Earlier during the day, HTS had advanced towards the outskirts of the city of Afrin, taking control of the strategic Kafr Shel hill overlooking the city after Jaish al-Islam retreated.

At the moment, clashes are taking place inside the city as the forces from Jaish al-Islam have fortified themselves in a hospital south of the city of Afrin and have turned it into a military base after requesting all the medical staff to leave the premises.

The Hamzah Brigade released a statement clarifying some of the reasons for the infighting. They said: ”We agreed with the leadership of the Third Corps (Jaish al -Islam and other factions) to hand over the wanted individuals to the military police peacefully to end the escalation.”

They added that the Third Corps did not comply with the peaceful process and cut off all communications, and chose to attack their group.

The statement mentioned their “commitment to fully cooperate with the authorities until the murderers of Abu Ghannoum are punished”.


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