Number of Deaths from Cholera Growing in Idlib

Yesterday, in an interview with Idlib-based Anba Sham news agency, the Director of Primary Health Care at the Ministry of Health, Dr. Mohammed Mostat, spoke of the growing risks of cholera and the lack of facilities to treat those infected by it.

The Director stated: “We recorded three deaths of children from cholera – two cases on Sunday, the first in the Atma camps, and the second in one of the camps near the city of Idlib. The third was on Tuesday in a village near the city of Maarat Misrin.”

Referring to the urgent need for medical support, he said: “The delay in the arrival of the much required medical facilities has been the main reason why so many have died, especially the young. The children, who have died, are less than two years old, and are unable to go to the nearest medical point for treatment.”

“We call on the medical institutions and medical staff to deal with any case of diarrhea as a suspected case of cholera, regardless of the age,” he said.

For the past few years, international medical aid has been gradually decreasing, and many hospitals have stopped all services.


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