Spike in Cholera Cases as Covid-19 Returns to Idlib

Contaminated water puddle in Sarmada, Idlib Syria /Aaref Watad, AFP

Since the beginning of the month, the northern region of Idlib has recorded a substantial increase in cholera cases, as well as a significant rise in Covid-19 infections.

The number of recorded Covid-19 cases in Harem, northern Idlib, reached 128, of which 37% were from the IDP camps. The cholera cases recorded there were 109, 42% of which were from among the IDP camps as well.

Furthermore, there are dozens of infected individuals in the town as a result of water pollution, especially after reports have confirmed bacterial contamination of water springs linked to the sewage system.

The Syria Response Coordinators have launched an urgent appeal to all humanitarian organizations in the region to work on repairing the damages in the sewage system in Harem, to prevent contaminated water from mixing with drinking water.

After water services had stopped in dozens of villages and towns in the region, including dozens of IDP camps that are without any support for several months, the team called on the organizations to work on supplying potable water,

They stressed that “what is worrisome is the impact of diseases spreading on the socio-economic situation, as the region is facing an economic crisis and severe poverty, and the consequences may be much more serious in terms of lack of water, food and health care.”

The response coordinators also called on international agencies and humanitarian organizations to exert more efforts in providing the necessary health support to the medical sector in the region, and to work to contain and limit the spread of diseases.

They stressed the urgent need to provide the necessary support to the civilian population in the region in light of the high prices of daily necessities which the people cannot afford.


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