Arab, Iranian and Turkish Offer Assad Regime Solutions for Economic Crisis

Bashar al-Assad /AFP

Iran and an Arab country have made conflicting offers to the Assad regime to save it from the suffocating economic crisis it has been plunging into for years.

According to a report by the Asharq al-Awsat news agency, “Regional and major countries have made contradictory offers and different conditions to Damascus, mired in its suffocating economic crisis.”

They said: “The visit of the Iranian President, Ibrahim Raisi, to Damascus in the coming days comes in the context of Iran’s efforts to obtain compensation for its role in saving the regime.”

Iran wants a strategic military position, sovereign financial concessions, and for the Iranians to be dealt with and treated like Syrians.

The report by the news agency referred to an Arab offer, which includes economic support, exemptions from the Caesar’s sanctions, and a return to the Arab league. This would be in exchange for stopping the flow of drugs to the region, changing the nature of the relationship with Iran, a political solution, the Constitutional Committee, and guarantees for the return of refugees.

The Turkish offer includes a joint operation against the SDF, the return of refugees, and action against terrorism, in exchange for economic, political, and reconstruction support.

Moreover, the report added that there is a Western offer to the Assad regime stressing the need for political progress before reconstruction and lifting sanctions, while Israel is calling for Iran’s strategic retreat from Syria.


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