Regime Forces Seize Civilian Homes and Turn them into Bases

Image Source /Sputnik / Mikhail Voskresenskiy

Forces of the Fourth Division of the Assad regime seized several civilian homes in the Yarmouk camp in Damascus.

According to reports, the regime forces took over the homes intending to convert them into military headquarters.

One of the rightful owners of the houses was reportedly wanted by the security branch as he used to work with humanitarian aid organizations when the revolutionary forces were in control of the region.

Over the years, the Assad regime has deliberately confiscated the property of civilians, who participated in the revolution, in the areas under its control, even if they were aid workers.

Recently, the Iranian militias, with the complicity and facilitation of the Assad regime, have seized dozens of homes and real estate in Damascus, using forged documents.

Moreover, thousands of Iranian forces coming from northeastern Syria to the south, have taken over the homes of civilians who have been displaced elsewhere in Syria, and have turned them into military bases.


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