Syrian Pound Records New Value


Today, after a period of crashes, the value of the Syrian pound recorded to be relatively stable against foreign currencies, and the Turkish lira maintained its value against the US dollar. However, it still faces a strong downward trend.

The value of the Turkish lira has been hovering around 18.6 against the USD, and 19.83 against the euro, while the euro recorded 1.06 dollars.

The Syrian pound recorded 6,395 purchases and 6,425 sales against the dollar in northern Syria, 6,794 purchases and 6,831 sales against the euro, and 341 purchases and 345 sales against the Turkish lira.

In southern Syria, the Syrian pound recorded 6,110 purchases and 6,180 sales against the USD, 6,490 purchases and 6,569 sales against the euro, and 326 purchases and 331 sales against the Turkish lira.

The price of a gram of 24-carat gold was recorded at 358 thousand Syrian pounds, and 21 carats amounted to 314 thousand Syrian pounds, while the price of a gram of 18-carat gold amounted to 269 thousand pounds.

The Syrian pound, which is the currency used in the areas under the Assad regime, has been declining since the conflict began 11 years ago. It plunged drastically after the Caesar’s Act was applied to the regime over two years ago.


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