Locals Upset as Doctors in Daraa Raise Checkup Fees

Doctor prepares to receive a dose of the coronavirus vaccine at Ibn Sina hospital in Idlib city, Syria / Reuters

Locals of Daraa have been complaining about the doctors significantly raising the fees for checkups to 35,000 Syrian pounds, whereas for some doctors it exceeded 40,000.

The people believe that this “huge rise in fees is greedy” on the part of some doctors, which surpasses their financial capabilities amid difficult living conditions that the patients suffer from.

This has caused the majority of people to resort to the expertise of pharmacists to examine them and prescribe them the appropriate medicine, instead of going to the clinics of specialist doctors.

While others go to popular apothecary centers due to their low prices compared to medical prices, despite the seriousness of herbal medicine which may negatively affect the patient. Generally, workers in this field do not have sufficient medical experience.

However, doctors consider this increase an inevitable result of the poor economic conditions, the high standard of living, and the low wages they receive in public hospitals.

Daraa, like all other regions under the Assad regime, has been suffering from a deteriorating medical sector, as well as the lack of specialized medical personnel in public hospitals.


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