Supreme Council of Fatwa in Liberated Areas: Burning the Holy Qur’an is a Heinous Act

Leader of the far-right Danish political party Stram Kurs Rasmus Paludan burns a copy of the Qur’an during a manifestation outside the Turkish embassy in Stockholm, Sweden, January 21, 2023. – REUTERSPIX

Recently, the burning of the Qur’an in Sweden has caused outrage around the Muslim world. The Idlib based Supreme Council of Fatwa released a statement last night, condemning the act.

“The book of God Almighty (the Holy Qur’an) is the constitution, honor and glory of the Muslims all over the world. They must express their anger through demonstrations, economic boycotting and more,” it said.

Regarding the people who burnt the Qur’an, it mentioned that “this criminal who did this heinous act has committed utter blasphemy, and we ask God to bring down a catastrophe on them.”

The Swedish government remains silent on the incident, which the council believes is their acceptance of it.

It stated: “If Sweden considers what happened to be within the freedom of expression of opinion then this is evidence of the intellectual bullying and cultural appeasement practiced by the West against non-Western people, by forcefully imposing their (Western) values universally. We call on the Swedish government to stop such actions and those involved.”

The Supreme Council stressed that: “We (Muslims) have our values and principles emanating from our religion and our Islamic reference, which categorically refuses to dissolve and change for another culture.”


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