As-Suwayda Activists Denounce Assad’s Statement Concerning Recent Earthquake

After a demonstration was postponed to avoid clashes with the Syrian regime on Monday, activists in As-Suwayda staged a demonstration to demand rights and solidarity with the victims of the earthquake.

On Tuesday, dozens of activists carried out a peaceful stand in al-Karamah Square in the center of the city of As-Suwayda, calling for the people’s lost rights and the redistribution of national wealth, as well as calling for political change and the implementation of UN resolutions.

The stand was titled Statement 66, which relates to the 1967 announcement by the then-Syrian Minister of Defense, Hafez al-Assad, of the fall of Quneitra to Israel. It was similar to Assad’s last statement regarding the earthquake, where he did not mention the province of Idlib, which was the most affected.

One of the activists of the movement confirmed that they reject any attempts to divide Idlib and affirm that it is an integral part of the Syrian territory.

The security services and the regime’s Ba’ath Party are trying by various means to crack down on the protesters and create hostility.


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