Four-Day Celebratory Demonstrations come to an end

Celebrations across the liberated areas for the 12th anniversary of the Syrian revolution reached their last day yesterday, as the people of Daraa joined in the festivities claiming it is the day it all began.

HTS leader, Abu Muhammad al-Jolani, came out with a statement. He appeared having displayed an image of the Omari Mosque on the screen behind him, which is considered the symbol of the revolution in Daraa, where the first demonstrations erupted on a Friday, 12 years ago.

The leaders of the General Shura Council and several of their members, accompanied by the Idlib region administration, participated in the afforestation and cleaning campaign that was launched on the occasion of the twelfth anniversary, three days ago.

Meanwhile, locals took the streets of Daraa, Homs, and other parts of Syria, which led to the regime’s security dispersing their units across the towns and cities.

The Air Force Intelligence branch checkpoint, which is located at the northern entrance of Homs city, had intensified inspection procedures and searches of people entering the city.

Their agents were also dispersed in public parks and main streets in the city, stopping passers-by and inspecting them in search of wanted individuals. Reportedly, they aimed to ensure that no graphic statement in solidarity with the revolution was published.


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